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Bolaseca has a department entirely dedicated to research, development and innovation. This allows us to be constantly offering products that solve moisture and odor problems through innovation and have an added value to them. We are committed to providing products that go a step further when compared to similar ones on the market, we do not set for products that the client can already find on the market, we strive to provide products that give our clients and added value and can act faster, work harder and have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Thanks to the efforts and hard work of our department in the moisture absorbing field, we have been able to develop one of the most effective and safest moisture absorbers on the market: The tablet refill wrapped in a protective fabric. This patented model combines the best qualities and the advantages of the main refills that are currently on the market: THE EFFICIENCY and compact format of the TABLET combined with the SAFETY and CONVENIENCE of the flakes bag by wrapping the tablet in a protective fabric that avoids direct contact with the product and the use of gloves.

Our long history of innovation and work reflects on the evolution of our refills from the very first loose flakes refill to the innovation, efficiency and safety that characterizes our latest refills.

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