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What are Bolaseca Moisture Absorbers?

Bolaseca Moisture Absorbers consist of a plastic moisture absorber combined with a calcium chloride refill to detect and absorb excess moisture. This way you can avoid all moisture-related problems such as condensation, mold, mildew, allergies, stains and bad smells.


How does it work?

The refills included with the moisture absorber are made out of calcium chloride. Calcium chloride traps excess moisture and turns it into liquid that falls into the lower container of our moisture absorber. This liquid also absorbs excess moisture so we recommend keeping it in the container until the refill is completely used up instead of emptying it beforehand. Our moisture absorbers do not need batteries or electricity to work so they are environmentally friendly.


Where can I use Bolaseca Moisture Absorbers?

Bolaseca has a moisture absorber especially designed for each problem or area no matter how big or small it might be. In our website you will find moisture absorber for small (under 20 sqm), medium-sized (around 20 sqm) and big areas (over 20 sqm). You can use our moisture absorbers for your home, boat, caravan, drawers, wardrobes, show racks,basement, etc. 

We recomment placing them where children and pets are not able to reach for them and in well-ventilated areas.


What causes excess humidity at home?

Activities such as cooking, washing, or bathing will raise the humidity level in your home and often result in some condensation on windows, walls and ceilings. This, together with a poorly ventilated home and a bad insulation in the ceiling, walls and floors can cause excess humidity.

Excess humidity can lead to some deterioration on walls, door frames, furniture and appliances. Moreover, humidity is also responsible for allergies and asthma, since humid air can cause the growth of mildew, dust mites and other common irritants that will aggravate many breathing difficulties.


How long does Bolaseca last?

It depends on the level of humidity and the area where you place it. Our regular 450gr moisture absorber can last from 3 months in winter months to 2 weeks during the hottest and most humid months of summer. It is important to understand that the less the refill lasts the more humidity it is absorbing, which means that it is actually solving the problem. When tested at a temperature of 25º C and a constant humidity of 70% our moisture absorbers have shown duration of 408 hours (17 days).


What is it made of?

Our moisture absorbers are made of hygroscopic crystals of calcium chloride. This material is able to absorb excess humidity from the air and turn it into a liquid. Through this process the level of humidity is taken to its optimum point (40%-50% of relative humidity) without drying the air


The refill has hardened, is there something wrong with it?

This normally happens when the temperature falls. Low temperatures reduce the solubility of calcium chloride salts in the water and they create an oversaturated solution on the surface that causes the crystallization of the salts in the refill. However, once the temperature raises or there is a higher level of humidity the process will continue as usual. This is part of the natural moisture absorption process. Some consumers incorrectly assume the product is defective when they see the hardened crystals.


What should I do with the liquid in the bottom container?

When necessary, the liquid in the bottom container can be flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain. We recommend doing it once the refill is completely used up since the liquid created also has moisture absorption properties.


What happens if I spill the liquid on the carpet or over the couch? How can I remove the stain?

If a spill occurs on carpet, curtains, upholstery or other absorbent surface you can remove the stain on textile using sodium sulphate. You just need to prepare a 5% solution in water (50g/l) and sprinkle it on the stain. Let the solution soak in for 30 minutes and make water evaporate using a blow-drier or electric heater. Once the solution has dried remove the powder residue with a vacuum cleaner. You can repeat the process if necessary. Afterwards, rinse it in the washbasin or sink very well.

It is important to avoid contact with leather or metal, as these materials can be affected and difficult to fix.


What are the advantages of the tablet refill over the salts bag?

The compact shape of the tablet refill allows a faster process and will let you see results a lot sooner. The tablet refill will not hold humidity inside for days like the salts bag do (sponge effect), it will immediately start releasing the liquid and you will be able to see its performance within hours. Ultimately the tablet refill has a faster and more effective performance.
Among our tablets, Bolaseca has patented its tablet refill wrapped in a protective fabric. This refill combines the best qualities and the advantages of the main refills that are currently on the market.


Whys is the tablet inside a protective pouch?

In 2006 Bolaseca introduced the implementation of new non-woven protective pouches for all its refills range. This protective pouch consists of a special fabric of a white color that enhances the performance of the refills. In 2011 Bolaseca perfected the protective pouch for the tablet refill, creating the concept of a tablet completely wrapped in non-woven fabric. This new improved and patented refill, as proven by independent studies is cleaner, safer, faster and more effective than our flakes refill.


Where should I place the product?

Bolaseca can be used in are area where excess humidity is a problem. We have a wide range of moisture absorbers and each of them adapts to different problems and needs. Our moisture absorbers will work on caravans, homes, boats, tents, basements, second residences, areas affected by flooding, etc.

In order to avoid accidents place the product out of reach of children or pets, preferably in areas that are not too busy. It is important to avoid contact with leather or metals since these materials can be affected by calcium chloride and difficult to fix. Metals will start to look rusty and leather will harden and wrinkle.


Why has the refill turned brownish after some use?

In rare cases, our refills will contain traces of other materials or minerals in them. As a result the refill can show a brownish, orange, reddish or pinkish color. This discoloration does not affect performance and can be left there until the crystals have dissolved away entirely. Also, when the refill has been exposed to air for a long time it can catch dust turning into a different color.


How does Bolaseca help prevent the growth of mold and mildew?

The main thing mold needs to grow in a home is moisture so keeping the moisture in your home low is the best way to prevent mold growth.
Bolaseca moisture absorbers will help you eliminate excess humidity and condensation creating a mold-free atmosphere at an optimum level of humidity (40%-50%).


How does Bolaseca help avoid further damage and growth of mold and mildew?

Once mold has begun to grow in your home taking away the mold's moisture source is an important step to completely erase the problem. Bolaseca moisture absorbers will help you eliminate excess humidity that caused the growth of mold in the first place. However, mold that runs out of moisture can lie dormant for a long time without dying. So if you already have mold growth in your home you need to take steps to have it removed.


There is no liquid in the bottom container, is there something wrong with the product?

If the refill has hardened or is bloated it is a sign that it is actually working and it will soon start releasing the liquid that will fall into the bottom container. Depending on humidity and air conditions the process can take a little bit longer, so be patient this is just the way moisture absorbers are supposed to work.


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