Odorless Refrigerator

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Sometimes we can find unpleasant odours in our fridge. Most odor absorbers simply hide or mask those odors. With Bolaseca Odorless Refrigerator you will be able to eliminate them. It also includes a temperature sensor that will help you keep your fridge at the right temperature. 

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Do not open the small blue egg.

Do not eat

Keep out of reach of children

Where to use it

  • Fridge


This odour absorber is conveniently shaped as an egg so that you can easily place it in your fridge without taking up too much space. 

How it works

When bad smells come into contact with activated carbon they get eliminated by the hundreds of actived carbon particles which are 100% natural. It prevents flavors and scents from mixing together.

Lasts up to 3 months


Take the odor absorber out of the carton sleeve and place it on the fridge. DO NOT open the blue egg container.

If the temperature in your fridge is the right one the white part will turn blue and the entire odor absorber will be one color. 

Replace every three months

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