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Glu glu Phone will help you save your phone from water damage: WC, beach, pool.... Eliminate humidity and get your phone back. It is three times more effective than other absorbers and works with any small electrical appliance.

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Do not Open the beads bags. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT EAT.

Where to use it

  • Electronic Appliances

How it works

Glu Glu Phone absorbs the water absorbed by your phoe (humidity). Thanks to Glu Glu Phone most phones get back to life. However, the type of liquid and reaction time are decisive factors, that is why we recommend to always having Glu Glu Phone at hand.


Ooops! Glug glug... your phone sank.....

No need to worry. Glu Glu Phone is here to help you.

Keep your phone switched off during the entire process.

1. First try to eliminate as much humidity as possible using some kitchen paper, towel,etc

2. Take out the beads bags out of the zip lock bag. Place the phone between the beads bags with the printed side facing the phone.

3. Put the phone and the beads baags back inside the zip lock bag to start the absorption process. Do not forget to tightly close the zip lock bag. The orange beads will change to green when the product has obsorbed its highest level of humidity.

4. If after 48 hours the beads have not changed colors it is possible that the phone had less humidity inside than the necessary for the tester to detect.

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